Tica Bus

Travels Name: Tica Bus
From: San Jose,Costa Rica
To: Tapachula,Chis.,Mexico
Via : 2 Day Travel Through Managua, San Salvador, Guatemala. You Sleep In San Salvador.
Departure Time: 03:30 am
Arrival Time: 11:00 pm
Trip Duration: 19h 30m
Bus Fare: USD 103
Bus Amenities: Executive Class
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Bus services offered daily from San Jose, Costa Rica to Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico International Bus Service. You need to carry your passport at all times when crossing international borders. You should look into individual countries for visa requirements, it varies greatly between countries. Citizens from Canada, United States and western European countries may not need to get a visa o are simply issued a tourist card. Passport Safety Tip. All border crossings are done personally; never give your passport to any individual when crossing the border unless they are uniformed immigration officials requesting it. At some border crossings, the bus personnel might process your entry and exit for you; this is done only in Nicaragua. Be very careful in Guatemala, as individuals try and take your passport and hold it for ransom. Money Exchange at Borders. At most of these border crossings, individuals will be asking you to exchange money with them. It is not recommended you exchange money with any individual at any border crossing. Many individuals will take advantage of the situation and try to give you less money than the actual exchange rate. You also have individuals involved in organized crime who will inform assailants down the road and they will stop the bus to rob everyone, this is why it’s not recommended to exchange any sum of money at border crossings. You should carry US dollars for your trip as they are widely accepted throughout Central America.